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PSNI sends shoplifters greetings cards as Christmas approaches


The Police Service of Northern Ireland has sent postcards to convicted shoplifters ahead of the festive season.

Craigavon PSNI took to Facebook to drive home the message that they will not tolerate shoplifting in the district. 

The post read: "Today we launch [Operation] Nutmeg.

"We're sending Christmas cards to our frequent flyers, reminding them that we're watching. We'll be making it clear to them, in no uncertain terms, that their sort of work is not welcome in ABC district."

While lighthearted, PSNI Craigavon made it clear that there will be an extra focus on those looking for a five-finger discount this Christmas.

The post said that Operation Nutmeg will build on the recent success of Operation Exposure, which targeted shoplifters in the area. 

"One of the biggest advantages of the [Operation] Exposure hunt was that we now have a dedicated team who have been up close and personal with some of our prolific shop lifters in the country. Some say Sergeant Gaz can now spot a shoplifter, blindfolded, from half a mile.

"They will be out and about, supported by LPT, NPT and DST colleagues. Every day during the festive season there will be multiple extra crews out across the district. We'll be targeting vehicles and individuals known to be involved in crime, patrolling shopping areas, and keeping an eye on residential areas while folk are at work or shopping."

"Throughout the [Operation] Exposure period, retail crime was down 60% on the same period last year. With your help, that success will continue."