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Prominent Ex-UVF bomb maker dies at his home

Sam 'Pinky' Austin
Sam 'Pinky' Austin

Ex-UVF terrorist and bomb maker Samuel 'Pinky' Austin has died at his home on the Shankill Road in Belfast.

Austin was a one-time leader of the UVF in the Maze prison.

Hew as sentenced to 10 years after being caught in a bomb making factory in 1994.

He and two other men, Ian 'Spud' Wilson and Jackie Anderson, were caught by police after a UVF 'B Company' informer told the police where they were.

The three were arrested at an address on Ainsworth Avenue off the Shankill Road.  

It was recently revealed in an affidavit submitted to the High Court in Belfast the details of 11 agents who had infiltrated the UVF, leading to the arrests six top UVF men.