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Polls open in Northern Ireland for UK election

Polls open in Northern Ireland for UK election

It's election day in the UK which means the electorate will go to the ballot boxes to vote in 18 MPs for Northern Ireland.

Polling stations will be open until 10pm tonight.

Across the UK commentators have said that the it will be a closely-run election - perhaps the tightest in decades.

In term of seats contested, the breakdown of the number each party in NI will fight for is as follows:

Alliance: 18

Social Democratic and Labour Party: 18

Sinn Fein: 18

Conservative Party: 16

Democratic Unionist Party: 16

Ulster Unionist Party: 15

United Kingdom Independence Party: 10

Traditional Unionist Voice: 7

Green Party: 5

Independents: 5

Workers Party: 5

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party: 4

People Before Profit: 1