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Pet sheep Lidl ban man hauled away by cops over pony and goat protest

Andrew protests with a goat and a pony
Andrew protests with a goat and a pony

A MAN banned from Lidl after taking his pet sheep inside has been arrested again after staging a one-man protest outside the store with a small pony and a goat.

Andrew Dunleavy, from Portrush, Co. Antrim, was charged with disorderly behaviour after the incident outside the supermarket last Saturday.

Mr Dunleavy (32), placed posters, which included a picture of himself and pet ewe Chops, on gates close to the shop before making his way to a footpath directly across from the Glenmanus Road store.

Exclusive pictures obtained by the Sunday World show pet Shetland pony Barney alongside him along with a goat he’d picked up that morning to rehome.

The display did not go down well with the PSNI, who arrested the 32 year-old and charged him with disorderly behaviour.

He is now facing court over the incident, but said he intends to “fight the charge”.


“I really don’t see how I was being disorderly,” Andrew told the Sunday World. “I was on a public footpath and wasn’t doing any harm.

“I was taking Barney out to get him used to traffic and put the posters up on gates close to the store. It was just to show how disgusted I was at how me and Chops were treated.

“I then went and picked up a carry out and some cigs and collected the goat nearby who I was rehoming.”


Pictures of Andrew taking Chops into the Portrush supermarket went viral last month.