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Sexy Laura, Ulster's first glamour model, back in spotlight as she makes comeback

Laura Lacole
Laura Lacole
Laura Lacole
Laura Lacole
Sexy Laura, Ulster's first glamour model, back in spotlight as she makes comeback
Laura Lacole
Laura Lacole

EXCLUSIVE: By Tina Calder

Pint-sized glamour model Laura Lacole is back.

Blonde bombshell Laura – Ulster’s first topless model – is back in front of the camera after a year behind the scenes.

The 26-year-old beauty is set to send pulses racing, if this sizzling sneak preview of what her fans can expect is anything to go by.

This time round, Laura, who once said she wanted to be the first topless model in space, has vowed to stay covered up.

Leaving topless modelling behind, she’s aiming for a more sophisticated style of glamour.

“This year I plan to shoot more but in a slightly different style,” she told us.

“I’ve given up topless modelling altogether now as I feel I achieved everything I wanted to from it.

“I’m going in a different direction, sexy in a more sophisticated style. It’s an avenue I’m interested to explore.”

This time last year Laura left the stage to a new generation of glamour models inspired by the beauty with brains. She founded her own agency Frontier Models, the country’s first glamour agency.

“Modelling is fun and rewarding for my confidence. It was important for me to express that part of myself in the years that I did and to show other women that it’s acceptable, that there was nothing wrong with glamour modelling.

“However, I had other things that I wanted to achieve and I needed to make those a priority for a while. After taking a back seat from modelling and public speaking I’ve set up my own modelling agency – Frontier Models. “

She’s also an active member of the Atheist Society of Northern Ireland.

“People with views like myself are a minority. It’s important to me that atheists have a voice here and I’ve been meeting a lot of like-minded people which has been great.”

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And she hasn’t given up on her dream of becoming her own heavenly body, by securing a place on the first colony on Mars.

But entrepreneur Laura (26) says she missed the buzz of the industry so much that her retirement from modelling was short-lived.

“I really miss the feeling of being in front of the camera and getting sent new pictures through,” she said.

“I guess I felt like I was losing my mojo a bit too. I’ve passed comment about it to friends and family. It’s difficult to explain but I feel as though I’ve lost a bit of body confidence and I don’t feel as sexy as I did when I was modelling full time.

“For me, shooting really builds that confidence in me. I also get people messaging me asking why I’ve disappeared and why I don’t post much pictures anymore. I think it just makes sense for me to find time to continue this passion of mine, along with the others.”

Laura wants to prove that being a busy businesswoman doesn’t mean she has to give up the work she loves the most.

“Getting back in front the camera feels amazing. I can feel my mojo coming back.

“As well as continuing with my agency, I have a few other things up my sleeve as far as business ventures go this year.”