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Ongoing security alert in Carrickfergus

Rockfergus Avenue (Pic: Google)
Rockfergus Avenue (Pic: Google)

A security alert is underway in Carrickfergus.

Police are currently in attendance at the scene.

The alert was sparked after a suspicious object was discovered in Rockfergus Avenue in the town.

Rockfergus Avenue has been closed at the junction of Oakfield Drive and a number of homes have been evacuated.

The seaside town has been rocked in recent weeks with a feud between rival UDA factions spilling over onto the streets.

Running street battles with men armed with bats, cudgels and machetes took place before the Twelfth holidays as a faction led by the Gilmore family in Carrick took on the mainstream UDA in the town. 

Tensions continue to simmer as the leadership of the UDA in the area remains in a state of chaos.