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New bus lane cameras in Belfast catch over 1,200 people in first week

New bus lane cameras in Belfast catch over 1,200 people in first week

The controversial new bus lane cameras erected in Belfast have caught over 1,200 people in their first week of use.

That's an average of 200 people per day getting slapped with a £90 fine, reduced to £45 if paid within 14 days.

There has been much controversy surrounding the new system, with some saying the introduction of the new cameras is a step too far.

DRD committee member and UKIP MLA, David McNarry, said: "It's about time motorists were given a break. In fact, bus lanes cause the most congestion and should be withdrawn from service completely and an end put to all this nonsense."

"It's bad enough having to drive through Belfast without having to worry about cameras and fines.

"This is just a money-making racket, another tax on hard-pressed motorists. It will also be a visitor's nightmare. We are trying to attract tourists and then we'll just slap them with a fine if they stray into a bus lane."

The cameras are located in the following places: 

  • There are two new cameras in place at Belfast City Hall
  • East Bridge Street at Central Station
  • Castle Place close to the junction of Royal Avenue
  • Great Victoria Street at the Europa Hotel
  • College Square East beside the Instonians school 

There will also be mobile unit operating on the Ormeau Road, the Lisburn Road and the Shore Road