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'Meximum' fun as Belfast bar serves up free lunches this Thursday

Connor Brennan and Brian McGeown of Love and Death Inc
Connor Brennan and Brian McGeown of Love and Death Inc

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But the lads behind Love and Death Inc on Belfast’s Ann Street are keen to put that old saying to rest.

For this Thursday they’re launching their vast tequila selection by giving away lunches for FREE!

And they’re going to do it with all the salsa and soul of central America.

For Brian McGeown and Anthony Farrell, owners of the chic cocktail bar and eatery, are offering punters the chance to try out their new tequila inspired menu completely free of charge.

“We’re stocking over 50 different types of tequilas from all over the world,” said bar manager Connor Brennan.

“All of us have travelled the globe, and we’ve discovered that tequila is going through a renaissance.

 “We’re trying get rid of the misconception that tequila is something that you drink in order to get smashed.

“Our tequilas are totally separated from that type of stuff, and we want to promote high quality sipping tequila.

“Like good tequila, our new food menu is in the fun vibrant spirit of central and south America.

“A lot of the food is influenced by Mexican food, and incorporates the colours of the flag – green, white and red.”

Connor with some of Love and Death's huge selection of top-shelf tequilas

On Thursday, between 12.30pm and 2.30pm, the public will be able to take Brian’s new menu for a test drive.

“We have a great new menu to complement our new tequila selection, with meals featuring steak marinated in Mexican cola, which has natural sugars which the steak absorbs before it caramelises, and Gypsy Eggs – nachos with tomato, egg and smokes cheese on top.”

The chefs have even put their own Mexican twist on the humble chicken Kiev, called the Chicken Cancun – crumbed chicken breast with garlic butter infused with chilli melting through the centre.

“The whole ‘dude food’ concept has really taken off in Belfast,” Brian said.

“People are well used to chilli dogs and chicken wings. Our new menu will offer something a bit different, but still keeps in with the theme of fast and tasty street food.”

Connor, who’s pioneered the idea of Love and Death as Belfast’s first proper tequila bar, fell in love with tequila when he spent time working in a five-star hotel in Dubai, gaining familiarity with some of the finest tequilas in the world.

“A traditional way to drink tequila is by ordering a ‘flight’ at the bar,” he said.

“That’s three tequilas – Anejo, Blanco and Reposado – to give the customer a taste of the various types of tequila.

“They’re all sipped slowly, and served with a red or green ‘sangrita’, or both.

“The red sangrita is tasted first with the tequila. It’s a small  fiery drink of tomato juice, orange juice, lime and chilli.

“The green sangrita, made with cucumber and herbs, is tasted after to cool the palate.”

Brian said: “We want to bring a real Mexican and Spanish style sense of fun to the bar and restaurant.”