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Man set to stand trial accused of stalking 14-year-old girl

Markus Saleh
Markus Saleh

This is the 33-year-old set to stand trial for stalking terrified schoolgirls as young as 14.

Markus Saleh,of Sedan Terrace in Enniskillen was arrested by police after a series of reports from teenage girls that he had been trailing them for weeks.

When, during questioning, police informed him that the girls had no interest in him he allegedly replied: “These ones may not be, but other ones may be interested.”

Saleh appeared in the dock of Fermanagh Court charged with harassing a 14-year-old girl between October 22, 2014, and January 23, 2015.

A policewoman explained to the court that the 14-year-old girl had complained about Saleh watching her as she left school. On one occasion she was in the Fitness Room at the Lakeland Forum leisure centre in Enniskillen and saw Saleh staring through a window at her.

He was also allegedly seen waiting opposite the gates of Mount Lourdes Grammar School in Belmore Street, watching girls as they got on to the bus.

Police identified him and served him with a PIN (Police Information Notice), also known as a harassment warning notice, and informed him of the deep distress he was causing the young girls and advised to stay away from schools and their surrounding areas.

However on Friday, October 24, last year, police received statements from two other Collegiate Grammar School pupils complaining about Saleh’s ‘creepy’ behaviour.

Last Monday he was arrested outside the Fitness Room at the Lakeland Forum activity centre after the terrified schoolgirl alerted police.

When, at Enniskillen’s police station ,he was asked to hand over his possessions he attempted to conceal a piece of paper. On it was written times, dates and locations where schoolgirls had been.

During questioning he was asked by police if he had fantasied about having sex with them. He was charged with harassing the 14-year-old girl and made no reply.

The officer told the court the police were “strongly opposed” to Saleh being allowed into Enniskillen around the start and end of the school day. He is unemployed and has no reason to be in these areas at the relevant times.

She said Saleh had shown no remorse or acceptance of any wrong-doing and that police feared his behaviour would escalate.

He was released on £500 bail and banned from entering Enniskillen, as defined by the 30mph speed limit, from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 10am and 3pm and 6pm.

He will appear again at Fermanagh Court on April 8.