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Legal highs claim another life in Northern Ireland

Adam Owens
Adam Owens

The parents of a 17-year-old boy have said that their son died as a result of taking 'legal highs'.

Adam Owens was found lying on the ground in the West Winds housing estate in Newtownards on Monday night. He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, but was later pronounced dead.

His parents are reportedly "devastated".

Chief Inspector Kyle Gordon of the PSNI said: "The male was brought to hospital by ambulance from Bristol Park early this morning but was pronounced dead a short time later.

"A post mortem examination will be carried out."

Tributes have been paid to the lad online, and a Facebook page calling on 'legal highs' to be banned as a result of Adam's death has been set up, with over 2,000 likes already.

Adam’s step-mum Dawn described how the teen was discovered: “He was found on the green, just round the corner from us, dead. We believe that it’s due to legal highs, although his post-mortem results haven’t come through yet. 

“He had a legal high addiction and it’s devastating. The whole family’s devastated – everybody.

“Legal highs are a major problem around here and something has to be done about it. Somebody has to stop the legal highs because you can go into a shop, you can buy it online and they’re highly addictive.

“They’re killing kids, destroying families. Please – politicians have to do something about this before another child is found dead.”