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Irish man settles case with strip club over massive credit card bill

The bill included £1,800 on tips for dancers
The bill included £1,800 on tips for dancers

Gil David has settled with Spearmint Rhino over a drunken stag do night at the strip club where he claimed they had exploited his inebriated state.

A court in London heard the case he had brought against the strip club after he woke up from his night out with a credit card bill of £7,500 (€8,900).

David, 34, from Portstewart, was in the Bournemouth branch of the strip club chain on a stag do in August 2013. He claimed to have been drinking beer and Jagermeister all day before heading to the strip club.

The next day David realised he had spent the huge sum in just five hours, a total that included tips of £1,800 to the dancers.

Thirteen credit card receipts were produced in court showing his spending, but Gil claimed he was exploited.

'There's no way, had I had all my faculties, that I would have spent anywhere near that kind of money,' he said.

'I was coerced into spending what turned out to be a third of my salary in five hours.

'I'm not an oligarch or a footballer.'

However the club's solicitor Robert Sutherland claimed that he had willingly signed the credit card slips.

The judge suggested there may be no clear winner so both parties agreed to settle, with David receiving a confidential sum.

Sutherland said that the club had not admitted to any wrongdoing.