May 26th, 2016
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Drug dealer joins dissident ranks

Northern IrelandBy Paula Mackin
Gerard Hodgins
Gerard Hodgins

A drug dealer with a history of violent house break-ins has joined the dissident ranks.

The well-known pusher, who is a close friend of pot-smoking renegade Gerard Hodgins, is from the Lenadoon area of west Belfast. 

He is in the sights of the PSNI which has carried out several raids in recent months in search for loyalist blue tablets which the dissident supporter has been selling throughout West Belfast.

The drugs, including the deadly Speckled Rolexs, have been supplied him by loyalist contacts in the north and west of the city.

Security sources have reported a large quantity of drugs and a substantial amount of cash was recovered from his home in recent weeks.

Gerard Hodgins raced to his friend’s side during the police raid to show solidarity and support according to witnesses.

This is the second time he has been caught on possession, the first in his car which was stopped by police. He is currently on bail pending further investigation.

He has previously been linked to a creeper burglary in the Ladybrook area in which the female owner of the house had a knife held to her throat and her car stolen.

The car was later burnt out. It is known he later had to attend hospital after receiving burns to his hand as he attempted to burn the stolen car.

He is still being sought by the PSNI for his involvement in this burglary but was never arrested even though he lives openly in the area where the crime was committed.

Due to his connections in the west of the city he is permitted to sell drugs with Oglaigh na hEireann’s protection and permission, paying a small fee for the ‘privilege’.

Drug dealers from the Twinbrook area, who also have permission from ONH to ply their trade, supplied the loyalist Speckled Rolex which killed local DJ Gerard Mulholland.