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'Director' of Omagh bomb should stay in jail - even in ill health

Michael McKevitt
Michael McKevitt

Mickey McKevitt and humanitarian - words that are mutually exclusive.

The one time leader of the Real IRA is serving a 20 year sentence for directing terrorism.  Running an organisation responsible for  the wholesale slaughter at Omagh comes at a high price.

Not as high as that paid by the 29 innocents, and two unborn babies on August 15, 1998.

Now suffering from cancer a group of TDs is calling for him to be released from Portlaoise on humanitarian grounds.

The terrorist’s son Stephen has argued his father should be “afforded the same rights as anybody else.”

Of course people, no matter who they are, deserve to be treated as human beings,  but there is absolutely no reason for McKevitt to be released.

Far too many victims and victims’ families have had to bite their lips as killers, bombers and psychopaths are free from our prisons having served five minutes for  taking a life.

The courts decided McKevitt should serve a 20 year sentence, if they thought he should get out earlier they would have given him a shorter sentence.

As it is he is eligible for parole next year, far too early

There is no humanitarian issue here....humanitarianism does not mean that when McKevitt gets sick we should let him out.

Surely the Irish prison system is more than capable of meeting his human rights by insuring he is comfortable, has the medical attention he needs.  There is a bottom line here - nothing can justify what happened in Omagh, this was cold, callous mass murder.

McKevitt and his pals gained nothing, so no, keep him locked up.

Lets for once, think about the victims.   Any semblance of closure for them is helped by the knowledge that those responsible are properly held to account.

McKevitt’s needs can be more than adequately met behind bars, keep him there.

A dodgy kidney isn’t going to wipe away the blood of the Real IRA’s victims, he’s lucky, he’s been given another chance at life. Something he decided the people of Omagh didn’t deserve.

The misguided fools calling for his release should think on that,  instead they should ensure McKevitt serves every last minute of those 20 years.

 Bare-faced cheek: Sammy Wilson 

Sammy Wilson is a man who knows a thing or two about barefaced cheek.

Which is why his antics in the Assembly this week come as no surprise.

The DUP’s joker in the pack was in fighting form as he rounded on SDLP member Dolores Kelly who registered a complaint over his ungentlemanly language in calling Jim Allister a thug.

Having refused to apologise for his thug jibe which came during a committee hearing into the Red Sky scandal which had embroiled party colleague Nelson McCausland, he took his boorish behaviour to a new low.

If he thought his personal and insulting dig at Dolores was funny , it wasn’t, it just made him look like an ass!

                                                                            Katie Price 

Katie Price really can be a vile individual.

Just at the moment England footballer Joe Hart was walking down the aisle with new wife Kimberley, the pneumatic one was busy throwing a spanner in the works.

“Is he going to tell her the truth about us xx”  was her  barely cryptic tweet.

Classy, especially from someone who had to order a bigger bed so she could fit on all the notches !

Sir Peter Hendy was a busy man.


Aside from running London’s  railway system the Network Rail boss found the time to have a nine month fling with a £140 an hour prostitute.


He would meet up with Rachel Grundy at his pad in the capital while his wife and mother of his two children was  at the family home in Bath.


Poor guy was  lonely,  inevitably the pair fell in love, so in love that she stopped charging him.


And they say romance is dead!

Kanye reckons he’s the greatest living rock star on the planet.

Mr Kardashian made the astonishing claim before he murdered Bohemian Rhapsody at the Glastonbury Festival last weekend.

Of course we know that title belongs to David Bowie, although he may lay claim to the title of the world’s biggest a******e,  but then his wife already has that in the bag!

 Kanye West 

George Hamilton, already, is the best Chief Constable we have had since........well ever.


There is much to repair about the Police Service here, but you can’t win a fight with one hand tied behind your back.


If Cameron wants us to lurch back to wanton violence then keep going, David Ford is looking to cut overtime, keep going Dave.


I just hope when it  hits the fan, which it will, we don’t blame  George.   The politicians will  but then its never their fault.


 Chief Constable George Hamilton 

The flying of a confederate flag in east Belfast is quite rightly being treated by police as a “hate incident.”

The fact it has been put up on the street where a Ku Klux Klan banner was erected last year underlines a disturbing and sickening racism.

There is no doubt the idiots who put it up are giving a nod of approval to murder of nine African-Americans at a church in South Carolina.

To glory in the sickening bloodshed of innocent people, shot for the colour of their skin is so deprave it defies description.