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Brothel keeper shopped to cops by own 'workers' after images found on his mobile

Paul Ervine
Paul Ervine

Kinky brothel keeper Paul Ervine was shopped to the cops by his own sex workers after they found vile images on his mobile phone.

The working girls were so repulsed by what they found they immediately went to police and offered to help set him up for arrest.

The wrinkly sex boss pleaded guilty to seven charges including three of keeping a brothel and controlling and inciting prostitution for gain when he appeared before the Crown Court in Belfast this week.

Sentencing has been deferred until September 5, but the world’s dumbest pimp is facing a substantial prison sentence.

The Sunday World can reveal two prostitutes under Ervine’s control discovered sickening and depraved sexual images, believed to have included bestiality and were so disturbed they went to police.

We can also reveal the ageing sex boss has been pimping himself out in a sordid side-line, as a cross dressing sex doll called ‘Sissy’ on a series of dating sites including Craigslist.

And he continued his sleazy double life while on bail awaiting trial on brothel keeping charges.

Ervine had his collar felt in May last year when he called to the east Belfast brothel he ran to be greeted, not by his working girls, by two handcuff wielding cops.

Police were surprised to discover depraved Ervine was a wanted man. He fled Northern Ireland after first being exposed as a brothel keeper, leaving his unsuspecting and trusting wife a ‘dear John’ letter.

The 61-year-old went on the run to England and Wales after a brief stint in Dublin but sneaked back into Northern Ireland last year renting a flat in Lurgan and it wasn’t long before he was back in business setting up two girls in a house in Belfast.

He gave them a phone for prostitution work but had forgotten to delete a host of filthy pictures.

The girls agreed to lure their pimp to the city, travelling from his Lurgan hide-out by train and when he got there, knocked on the door to be greeted by a PSNI detective who immediately arrested him.

They found £3,000 in cash in his pocket and a ‘little black book’ detailing every single booking made for his prostitutes, making him the world’s dumbest pimp.

Liar Ervine said he believed he was not breaking the law as he was working as an `agent’ for prostitutes, despite police objections he was granted bail with an address as a hostel for the homeless.

Toothless, and balding, Ervine didn’t allow the threat of a prison sentence get in the way of his depraved life. Despite being on bail he launched himself into a new secret life, reinventing himself as sex slave Sissy.

In a series of stomach churning ads he presents himself as `Virgin Sissy’ who is ready to be dominated.

“I am pathetic with a micro d***,” he posted alongside a picture of a man dressed in lacy lingerie.

In another post, accompanied by a grossly indecent picture, he describes himself as ‘Sissy wimp, available for humiliation’.

The sordid posts were put online after he was granted bail on brothel keeping charges.

Amazingly long-suffering wife Heather has taken pimping Paul back, he is living in the family home in Lisburn while he awaits his fate.

The most unlikely looking sex boss was first exposed by an undercover reporter posing as a potential sex worker.

It was then he fled the country leaving his wife to discover the awful truth when she went to buy her morning paper only to return to the house to discover Ervine had done a runner leaving her a confessional note.

Police believe he travelled to Dublin where he got the ferry to Holyhead from where he made his way to Birmingham. He stayed in Britain’s second city for a number of months and it is believed he may have got involved in the sex trade during that time.

But he couldn’t resist coming back home and sneaked back into the province setting himself up in a small flat in Lurgan. His wife is not thought to have been aware of his return.

Shocked detectives were so disturbed by the images found on his phone they investigated whether or not he could be prosecuted – he could not.

Sleazy Ervine will be sentenced at Antrim Crown Court next month.

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