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Bomb alert in Derry after blast

The probation office in Derry after the bomb attack
The probation office in Derry after the bomb attack

A bomb alert was sparked last night in Derry after a device exploded in the Crawford Square area of the city.

The blast happened at around 11.00pm last night. 

The PSNI confirmed that they received a bomb warning shortly before  the explosion.

The police described the warning as 'inadequate'.

A device was left at the front door of a probation office in Crawford Square.

Residents were described as being in a state of panic and some had to evacuated from their homes.

Police continued their security operation and search into the night and the area was still closed this morning. 

Superintendent Mark McEwan said: "Basically a warning was given that was totally inadequate in terms of allowing the police to actually take any positive action and the device activated before police were able to start the evacuation.


"We have to condemn outright the very fact that somebody has put a bomb in a highly residential area here and that has been placed here in order to intimidate, cause damage and potentially cause serious injury or death."

First minister Peter Robinson Tweeted: "Those who want to take us back will not win. Democracy will always triumph over terror."

Sinn Fein MLA Raymond McCartney said:"This has brought nothing but disruption to the lives of local people, and to the city, generally.

"This is a city moving forward and the people have made it clear that they do not want these type of incidents.

"We will not allow a tiny minority to drag us back to the past."