No winner of massive EuroMillions €140,000,000 jackpot

Better luck next time everybody
Better luck next time everybody

There was no winner of the bumper EuroMillions jackpot tonight, meaning an even bigger jackpot will be up for grabs next time.

The final jackpot total was €140,796,507.

Tonight's National Lottery EuroMillions winning numbers are: 04, 38, 07, 14, 34.

The Lucky Stars are: 04, 11.

There was no winner anywhere in Europe but seven people, none from Ireland, matched five and a Lucky Star to net €225,641 each.

The biggest prize won in Ireland was €3,213, by a single ticket holder who match four numbers and two Lucky Stars.

However, 10 people picked up €5,000 each with their winning Raffle tickets.

The winning tickets were I-BCB-24918, I-BCB-78470, I-BCC-32497, I-BCD-35312, I-BCF-16112, I-BCF-56300, I-BCG-15394, I-BCG-61798, I-BCG-96108 and I-BCH-06310.