No snow for Christmas as exceptionally mild weather set to continue

No scenes like this in Ireland this Christmas
No scenes like this in Ireland this Christmas

Met Eireann have dashed the hopes of many this morning by saying that there is no chance of a white Christmas this year in Ireland.

Gerald Fleming, Head of Forecasting in Met Éireann, told Morning Ireland that the unseasonably warm weather is set to continue for the next few days.

He also added that while there is a chance of temperatures dipping back towards more normal figures for Christmas Day, there won't be any snow this year.

An indication of just how mild the weather is right now was the illustrated by Malin Head in Donegal recording a temperature of 16 degrees at midnight last night.

Meanwhile, forecasters said temperatures, which have been reasonably mild in recent days, will reach highs of 13 and 14C in parts today and tomorrow.

However, this will drop to between 8 and 9C on Sunday.

"There will be a change (in temperatures)," Met Eireann's David Rodgers said.

"There won't be much change today. Tomorrow will be slightly cooler and Sunday will be noticeably cooler. But it won't be anything exceptional, it will just be normal for this time of the year.

"During Sunday, the mild weather will go away for a while. It will get a good deal cooler, it will be a showery day. The coolness won't last too long early next week. We will be getting back into mild, wet and windy weather again," he said.

Sunday night will remain dry with wind and cloud cover, but rainfall is expected to return on Monday night, this time spreading to the east of the country.