NI council releases video of man doing a No.2 in the street for dog fouling campaign

'Who Let The Dogs Crap'
'Who Let The Dogs Crap'

Newry and Mourne Council has released a bizarre video showing a suited man relieving himself in the street in order to raise awareness about dog fouling.

On the council's Facebook page, one person said that the video had "crossed the line", with another calling for the person who sanctioned it to be "sacked on the spot". 

The video shows a suited man walking across Newry city centre with a golden cocker spaniel, before stopping outside the gates of Town Hall to drop his trousers and do a rather large you-know-what.

Though many have complained about the advert, a spokesperson for Newry and Mourne Council, which ceases to exist at the end of the month, said that they stood by the video.
They said: "Over the years Newry and Mourne District Council has adopted different educational and enforcement campaigns and despite this, dog fouling remains a major issue amongst elected members and the general public." 
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