You're too date mate!

Stunning Ciara.
Stunning Ciara.

First Dates no-show Patrick Mulholland got a taste of his own medicine when the woman he stood up on national television dismissed his very public apology as too little, too late.

He asked the Sunday World to play matchmaker last week in an attempt to make amends for the hangover that ultimately cost him his dream date.
But feisty Scouse stunner Ciara has rebuffed any chance of romance.

The stunning dental hygienist may have faced public humiliation when she was left dateless on RTE’s hit show, but now she’s having the last laugh.

The Communications Officer for the Irish Defence Forces, who last week explained that he was too hungover to make the date, later joked that Ciara, who ordered prosecco, should downgrade her drink preferences.

The cheeky Dubliner then added: “In all seriousness, I would like to ask her to meet up again.”

First Dates no-show Patrick Mulholland 

For Ciara, who penned a rather eloquent rejection letter, it’s too little, too late.

She said: “Dear mystery man AKA Patrick the soldier, I write this letter as I sip prosecco on a sunny May day on South William Street (that I paid for myself, may I add!).

“I thank you for ‘reaching out’ to make amends. I thank you for the offer of another date, but at this time I must kindly pass as the road is too long and exciting to look back. There ain’t no sweet man who is worth the salt in my tears. 

“For now I’ll keep holding out for my hero. With love, Ciara x.” 

Well, that told him!