VIDEO: Teen brutally booted in the head during vicious daylight attack

VIDEO: Teen brutally booted in the head during vicious daylight attack

A TEENAGER seen on video being kicked in the head in a daylight attack this week admitted he is still in shock.

Paddy Ward, from Co. Mayo, said the brutal attack came after he tried to stop his mother being verbally abused.

The video, taken on the streets of Swinford, shows Ward trying to stand up to a bigger, older man who pushes him to the ground and throws a number of punches.

As they end up on the ground, the youngster gets an elbow to the face while one man intervenes to try and stop the scuffle.

He is then approached by another man and backs off as the youngster is thrown to the pavement. As Ward leans up on one elbow, the man delivers a vicious kick to the head.


A woman is heard screaming “he’s only 16” before the video ends.

Speaking to the Sunday World this weekend, Paddy said: “I’m still very shocked, I don’t feel the same like.”

He explained that he went to hospital after the incident, where he was X-rayed and treated for his injuries.

“I was in hospital, there was a bit of bleeding from my head – they gave me painkillers,” he added.

Ward told the Sunday Ward the incident happened as a result of verbal abuse aimed at his mother as they went shopping in the Mayo town.

“He was giving out to my mam very bad, I told him not to be giving out to my mam. Basically I tried to calm it all down. He was calling her names that I wouldn’t like to say,” he said.

“I tried to defend myself, but I was just defenceless against him. I couldn’t do nothing.” 

He said other people were watching and claimed that at least one person encouraged the older man.

Ward claimed that he was attacked a second time after the incident as he went to report the attack.

“It was like a horror scene. I feel embarrassed, I don’t feel the same. Every morning when I wake I’m sitting there thinking about it. I’m in shock,” he added.