Wounded badger turns out to be pedigree pooch!

Marlay was found in a terrible condition.
Marlay was found in a terrible condition.

An abandoned dog found in an appalling state has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to a kind animal lover.

Lorina Henry was left shocked when she discovered what she thought was wounded badger walking near the village of Muff in Co. Donegal a few days ago.

Lorina was out for a drive with her uncle, who noticed that the badger was, in fact, an abandoned dog. Despite a search of the area, no owner was found and

Lorina decided to take the dog back to her home in the village of Carrigans.

Lorina Henry 

She took the dog to a vet and found it had been microchipped but not registered. Lorina, who is a full-time carer to her mum, then launched a social media campaign to find the owner.

She also gave the mystery dog a haircut and the transformation left her speechless. Underneath the matted ball of hair and dirt was a pedigree Shih Tzu.

“The vet estimated that he had not had his hair cut for more than a year,” said Lorina, who already has a Shih Tzu of her own.

“I would love to keep him, but I also understand he’s somebody else’s dog.”