Woman who mistakenly publicly shamed 'creep' taking selfie apologises

The unnamed father went straight to the police after the post was shared thousands of times
The unnamed father went straight to the police after the post was shared thousands of times

A woman who publicly shamed a man she believed to have been taking images of her children has issued a tearful apology.

The unnamed woman has reached out to a publication in her hometown in Australia after posting images of the 'creep' to social media. 

She was shopping at Westfield Knox centre when she noticed the father-of-three taking pictures beside a Star Wars poster. 

Her post was shared thousands of times and the father was forced to contact police to explain he was only taking a selfie in front of a Darth Vader cut out sign to send to his children.

After the post was shared thousands of times the man contacted police who subsequently contacted the woman. But not before the man was the subject of numerous death threats from people who believed him to be a paedophile. 

Speaking to the Knox Leader, the woman says she has now been the subject of two death threats - one in person and one online - over the incident. Her children are set to receive counselling because they are so upset by it, the Herald Sun reports. 

"My kids are now suffering because of a stupid mistake I made," she said.

She has been trying to get in touch with the man and wants to apologise in person. She had not heard from him and did not know whether he planned to take legal action against her.

"It was never done with the intention of splashing it all over these social media pages,” she said.

"My children are going through an enormous amount of pain and I hate to think what (the man) and his family are going through.

She admitted she was 'stupid' to post the photo and said she had removed it as soon as she realised her mistake.

"One thousand times over I wish I could just take it back. I just don't know how to say sorry enough," she said. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the anonymous father said the selfie was supposed to be a "good daggy joke."

"I'm a father of three kids and a normal human being... I've never taken a selfie before," he said. 

"I was in two minds whether to take the selfie, but I thought it'll be a good daggy dad joke. In real terms it was embarrassing enough to be standing in front of Darth Vader to be honest.

"We're a very strong, community-minded family and we've never had any issue with any form of impropriety and all of a sudden my name is smeared," he said.

"I would like people to understand the perils of social media, especially unreliable and uncorroborated information."