Woman demands that hospitals ensure bodies of babies are treated appropriately


A woman is calling for hospitals around the country to ensure that bodies of babies are treated appropriately prior to being buried after she was given incorrect information about the location of her child's remains and prevented from attending the burial.

Lisa, who does not want her surname known, told RTÉ that she was making the call after she found out her child's body was left stored in a room in Letterkenny Hospital for four weeks, contrary to being told at delivery that he was to be buried one week later.

Lisa gave birth to 'baby Eoin' in October 2016 during the second trimester of her pregnancy.

He died in the womb as a result of complications arising from a rare condition known as Turner's syndrome.

In a letter seen by RTÉ's This Week, Letterkenny University Hospital apologised for a member of staff telling Lisa that Eoin's body had been placed in the mortuary during the four-week period after delivery.

His body had been left in a room in the gynaecology ward.

Speaking to RTÉ's This Week, Lisa said: "My child had to lie for four weeks for them to open their eyes to this. I don't understand how anyone could leave a human being, a baby, lying in a room for four weeks".

She also said she was hopeful of change at Letterkenny but wants other hospitals to learn from her experience.