Woman found pushing her dead toddler on the swings

A sad case in the US
A sad case in the US

A woman was found in a park in the US pushing her dead child on a swing.

Police in Maryland say that the woman was found in a park in the city of La Plata called Wills Memorial Park at 7am on Friday after they got a call saying that the woman had been pushing a child on the swings for a long time.

Police now believe she may have been there all night.

When police arrived it was clear to them that the child had passed away but there was no sign of any injuries on the three-year-old.

The child's body was taken away for an autopsy while the 24-year-old woman was taken to hospital to be assessed.

'It's a very sad and tragic situation for the mother, her family, the officers,' a spokesperson for the police told the Associated Press on Friday. 'All of us want answers. We're working very hard on that.'