Travellers call off €20k bare-knuckle rematch

Peter Joyce
Peter Joyce

Two bare-knuckle boxers involved in a brutal roadside battle are now set to “shake-hands”, pals of one of the pair claimed yesterday.

Despite of a series of YouTube videos posted by the pair appearing to stoke up talk of a €20,000 fight purse, a number of men living on the same halting site as victor Peter Joyce claimed the fight is off.

And they said the fight between Peter and Longford traveller Arthur McGinley which occurred during rush hour traffic on the Malahide Road, Dublin, last Wednesday had “been blown out of proportion”.

“The McGinleys rang this morning looking to shake hands and that’s it as far as Peter is concerned,” one of the group told the Sunday World.

“After it went up on YouTube it took on a life of its own, but in fairness it was just a bit of hot air on both sides.

“Arthur came up here two nights in a row swinging punches. The first night Peter let him away with it, but the second night he’d had enough and he straightened him with a punch.

 “Arthur said it took 10 of us to put him on the ground, but if 10 of us stuck on him he’d be dead plain and simple.

“Then there was this video of him saying he’d put €20k on a rematch… I’m telling you that man doesn’t have €20k to put on a rematch. Anyway it’s all done now. They rang to shake hands and Peter’s OK with that.”

Since Wednesday night’s fight was recorded, both Peter and Arthur had posted a series of videos on YouTube calling the other man out.

In one of the videos Arthur is topless and flexes his muscles as he warns McGinley: “That’s how you do it boys. I’m looking forward to the fight Arthur.”

Several passers-by were shocked to see Mr McGinley on the ground screaming in pain as Joyce rained down blows on him in the middle of the Malahide Road on Wednesday.

Gardai have now opened an investigation into the incident.

We can also reveal that Joyce has endured the death of not one but two of his brothers to brutal murders.

Tommy Joyce (20), was gunned down by two men who entered his family’s halting site at Grove Lane in Dublin, in June 2009.

The killing was believed to be linked to a feud in the Coolock area.

Six months later his brother John Paul Joyce (30), was shot dead near Dublin Airport. Eamon Dunne’s gang were blamed for John Paul’s murder.

Joyce himself also has a chequered past.

He served a three-year sentence for a hit-and-run incident causing the death of a motorcyclist in Dublin in 2003.

He was also the driver of a car involved in a shooting incident which was linked to a long-running feud.

Edward McDonagh was injured when the passenger in Joyce’s car opened fire on him at Belcamp Lane in Coolock, north Dublin, in February 2002. Joyce received a three-year sentence for the incident.

“I made a few mistakes. I never got involved with drugs, but I got mixed up in a bit of a family feud,” he told us in 2014.

After his release from prison, Peter Joyce’s life took a downward spiral when his two brothers, who were both involved in the drugs trade, were shot dead.

“I lost my two brothers. It was just unfortunate they ended up hanging around with bad company. After that happened to the brothers there was dark days for a while. I’m just coming back to myself.

“I’m on the straight and narrow now. I try and tell the young fellas around the area about drugs and I helped out a few people before to get them off drugs. I want
to do something positive now.”