A crazy kind of love: Russian girl says sick killer Dwyer is her soulmate

NewsBy Neil Fetherston
Anna Andreenkova
Anna Andreenkova

The Russian woman who claims she is sadistic killer Graham Dwyer’s new girlfriend previously accused a senior garda of forcing her to take illegal abortion pills.

Victoria Andreenkova (37), says she has started a relationship with Dwyer after she started visiting him in the Midlands Prison following his conviction for murder.

She has said the notorious murderer has “touched her heart” and described him as a “tender and soft” person.

“We are soulmates. I find him a very intriguing person. He is very honest,” she said.

Victoria, who lives in west Dublin, struck up a friendship with the father of three after, she claims, he sent her a letter.

However, the Sunday World can reveal that the pair first grew close after Victoria contacted Dwyer to tell him that she believed he was innocent.

Instead, she outrageously claimed that a Kildare-based garda was responsible for the murder of Elaine O’Hara.

Despite the fact that there was not a shred of suspicion or evidence against the officer in question, Victoria posted a video online naming him as a suspect and made a statement to gardai.

The Russian-born mother has also previously made national headlines after she made allegations against a second garda.

Graham Dwyer

In October 2013 a major probe was launched by the Garda Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) after she claimed she came under pressure to take abortion pills bought online by a senior garda officer.

Victoria told GSOC that she became pregnant after a brief tryst with the officer in a car in Ballymun.

It was claimed that the married garda purchased illegal abortion pills on the internet and requested that she take them so as to ensure a termination.
She claimed she pretended to take the first of five abortion pills when she met the officer in Dublin city centre after she informed him of her pregnancy. 

She claimed the garda gave her the pills and watched as she took the first one. 

She said she kept this pill in her mouth while pretending to swallow it.

In her statement, she alleged that she felt intimidated by the garda and that he threatened her with deportation when she refused to have an abortion.

At the time, she believed she was at risk because there had previously been a European Arrest Warrant out for her arrest from Dutch officials.

Despite a hugely expensive GSOC investigation lasting nearly two years, the garda watchdog has failed to either bring charges against the officer in question or to clear his name.

Speaking to the Sunday World yesterday, Victoria said she did not want to comment on her relationship, saying: “I’ll have to ask Graham first, if he thinks it’s okay or not. I don’t know what to say.” 

Bizarrely, Victoria also hit the headlines last year when she accused Taoiseach Enda Kenny of stealing her breast pump.

“We are soulmates. I find him a very intriguing person. He is very honest"

In a recorded call to the Taoiseach’s personal mobile number, Enda was left speechless after he was told a Fine Gael party member stole the woman’s breast pump.

The Taoiseach’s mobile number had been posted online following his now-famous “call me” speech in the U.S. on the weekend of St Patrick’s Day.

During the call, the Kenny has to spend a couple of minutes trying to convince her that he is the real deal.

After he tells the woman she is through to the Taoiseach, she says: “This is not Enda Kenny.”

The Taoiseach then has to convince her he is not an imposter, saying: “It is actually. I am. That’s what I’m telling you, I’ve told you four times.”

At one point, a baffled Enda is left speechless after he is told a Fine Gael party member stole the woman’s breast pump. She says: “I am very, very angry at your government because a Fine Gael member stole my breast pump.”

On the first day of Dwyer’s high-profile murder trial, Victoria was removed from the court after Judge Anthony Hunt said he was unhappy with the gestures she was making towards the accused.

A Dutch conspiracy theorist journalist was also asked to leave the courtroom at the same time.

Elaine O'Hara

Last March, Dwyer (42), from Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, Dublin, was found guilty of murdering Elaine O’Hara (36), on August 22, 2012, at a remote spot in the Dublin Mountains.

The childcare worker’s skeletal remains were found by a woman walking her dogs on Killakee Mountain, Rathfarnham, on September 13, 2013.

The married father of two, who also has an adult son from a previous relationship, was found guilty by a unanimous jury of stabbing Ms O’Hara to death for his own sexual gratification.

He received a mandatory life sentence and has initiated an appeal against his conviction.

In May, Dwyer lodged an appeal against his conviction for the murder of Elaine.

The issues Dwyer is likely to raise include the mobile phone evidence introduced by the prosecution, his questioning while in custody and the decision to allow Darci Day, a key witness, to give evidence by video link.

After he was sentenced last month, his defence counsel Remy Farrell applied for legal aid on his behalf in the event of an appeal.

A previous court hearing heard that his mortgage on the family home was in arrears and he was no longer earning a salary from his job as an architect.