Watch: Bus carrying passengers smashes into rail bridge

Scenes during the aftermath of the crash. Pic: The Age/Jason South
Scenes during the aftermath of the crash. Pic: The Age/Jason South

The horrific moment a bus crashed into a rail bridge has been caught on camera.

The Gold Bus Ballarat vehicle was carrying delegates from a major international tourism conference in South Melbourne in Australia.

Amazingly, local emergency service workers revealed that no-one was killed or seriously injured. 

Emergency workers were forced to cut seats out from the coach to free some trapped passengers after the crash.

The bus was almost a metre higher than the bridge's minimal clearance and some witnesses revealed that the driver had not slowed before the crash.

"It was scary," Ramsey Melhem, told The Victoria Age.

 “Something is always happening down there with the trucks, things falling off, but this takes it to a new level."

The 14 passengers and driver suffered minor injuries including cuts and bruises, and some were taken from the scene in neck braces.

"There was a lot of people at the luncheon who just started looking at their tablets and their phones and couldn't believe it had happened," one conference delegate explained.

"Everyone was like 'it could have been us'.

"It's really unfortunate it's happened at a conference where people are looking at investing in Australia for tourism and major events."

Inspector Jo Dolan revealed that police had not yet had a chance to interview the bus driver, who was seen seen slumped on the ground near the bus after the incident, with a bloodied face and legs, before he was taken from the scene on a stretcher.