Video: Lobsters 'rescued' from Dublin restaurant by animal rights group

The rescue and release
The rescue and release

Nine lobsters were 'liberated' from a Dublin restaurant by the National Animal Rights Association on Friday night.

The group posted the video on YouTube showing their daring raid on ‘Ka Shing’ Chinese restaurant on Wicklow Street at about 7.30pm on Friday.

In front of the packed room full of diners, the group distracted the staff and grabbed nine lobsters from the tank at the front of the restaurant.

They then brought the lobsters to Clontarf where they were released back into the sea.

NARA spokeswoman Laura Broxson said: “Would you boil a cat or dog alive? No. So why do people think it’s okay to do this to a lobster? They feel pain. They feel fear. They suffer. Yet, over 20 million lobsters are killed in this way every year.

“This was a life-or-death situation for these lobsters, so for us, the choice was an easy one. What we did was an act of compassion,” added Ms Broxson.

Staff at the restaurant gave chase but couldn't catch the activists and they have reported the incident to the Gardai.