Victim of Facebook troll 'not surprised' that abuser to appeal order

Maureen ‘Moirin’ Curoe
Maureen ‘Moirin’ Curoe

The victim of Belfast Facebook abuser Moirin (Maureen) Curoe has told the Sunday World that she is “not surprised at all” after the 40-year-old said she would appeal a judge’s restraining order.

Jilted lover Curoe was slapped with a two-year order for referring to her ex-partner and his new partner in comments on Facebook by a judge at Coleraine Magistrate’s Court.

It was her latest court appearance after a long-running hate campaign on social media by Curoe.

Curoe was told by District Judge Liam McNally that she could face up to five years in prison if she breaks the order.

 But since then, Curoe, pictured beside Belfast Lord Mayor Arder Carson, wearing the mayoral chain, has confirmed that she is to appeal the decision.

 Curoe with Lord Mayor of Belfast Arder Carson

Now one of her victims, Yvonne Hegarty, partner of Curoe’s ex-partner Adrian McAleese, said if the order is lifted, she and Adrian will be subject to more abuse.

“That Curoe is to appeal the restraining order, sadly, doesn’t surprise me at all,” Yvonne said.


“Words can’t describe the utter hell that Adrian and I have been through with this woman.


“She’s appealing the decision because she knows as well as we do that she’ll inevitably break it if it stays in place.


“If her appeal is successful, it will just give her the green light to do this all over again and we’ll be subjected to even more abuse.


“I actually think she just enjoys the attention.”

Curoe, who describes herself as a model, posed for pictures outside the courthouse after the verdict, smiling for photographers.

 On website, a site for contacting models, Curoe describes herself as “a promotional model…currently working part time for a promotional company called Rectangle.

“I have loads of experience doing promotional modelling.

“I’m very outgoing, bubbly and hardworking, extremely reliable, trustworthy and honest. I work well within a team and also on my own initiative.”

In photos uploaded to the profile she is seen posing in a tacky camouflage ‘sexy’ uniform. 

Curoe’s recent restraining order was the result of a landmark case which puts those who use social media to abuse others under the spotlight.

Yvonne hopes that it will help others who have been in the same situation as herself to pursue Facebook trolls through the courts.

“I hope that the judge’s ruling has sent a message out to people who have suffered like Adrian and I have,” she said.

“It proves that people can’t post abusive messages about others online.”

In the same court last year, Curoe pleaded guilty to sending obscene and menacing messages about Yvonne.

She narrowly escaped jail because the judge took into consideration that she was pregnant.

Instead, she was given a four-month jail sentence suspended for two years.

Then, Yvonne told the Sunday World: “Some of the things she posted online about Adrian and I contained accusations of the most heinous things a person could do, which were of a sexual nature.

“She left her Facebook page open as well, so everyone could see what she was posting online.

“You didn’t have to be ‘friends’ with her on Facebook. Absolutely anyone could read it. She seems to show no remorse for what she’s done.”