Veteran RTE reporter Teresa Mannion becomes internet sensation

NewsBy Neil Fetherston
Hold onto your hat Teresa!
Hold onto your hat Teresa!

Veteran RTE reporter Teresa Mannion became an instant internet sensation with her report on Storm Desmond on this evening's Six-One News.

Grimly hanging on to her hat as she was buffeted by gusts of wind and lashed by rain, she managed to file her report from Galway, prompting a flood of comments on Twitter!

Wouldn't like to be in Teresa Mannion's very soaked shoes right now! #StormDesmond 

Advice of the year Teresa Mannion 'don't swim in the sea' #rtenews #StormDesmond

Someone give poor Teresa Mannion a hot whiskey, you'd need one after that #StormDesmond #sixone

Rewinding Teresa Mannion's report and laughing at her horror in the storm. It's hilarious. @bryansixone @rtenews

Jeepers poor Teresa Mannion under severe pressure with weather conditions, emotional even doing her link from Galway @RTEOne @rtenews