Venezuelan President is chased through the streets of Caracas

Venezuelan President is chased through the streets of Caracas

The Venezuelan President has been chased through the streets of Caracas after a political event as protesters call for him to step down.

Nicolas Maduro had attended a routine political event on Friday and was met by hoards of angry protesters banging pots and pans and shouting 'we are hungry, we are hungry.'

Grainy cell phone videos have been picked up by Venezuelan news sites and are trending on social media. Mr Maduro is seen jogging through a crowd as residents loudly bang on pots and hurl obscenities.

Mr Maduro's visit to Margarita Island earlier that evening was broadcast nationwide. Images of the protest were later posted by residents of the town where it reportedly occurred.

Richard Fermin, the opposition mayor of Asuncion, the island's capital, accused Mr Maduro of "mistreating" a woman with whom he appeared to tussle in the midst of the protest, reportedly grabbing her pot from her hands. 

There was no immediate comment from the government, though Foro Penal, a Venezuelan human rights NGO, said 20 arrests were made in the area following the incident. 

It comes days after desperate Venezuelans broke into a zoo and killed a horse for meat as the country's economic crisis is leaving people starving.  

In one video, President Maduro tries to calm the crowd by walking among them but he is shouted at more by the protesters.  

Venezuelan authorities briefly rounded up 30 people in the rare public confrontation