Irish sex fiends targeting teen girls in depraved stalking chatrooms

Irish sex fiends targeting teen girls in depraved stalking chatrooms

Online sex fiends are targeting Ulster teens in a depraved internet porn craze.

Ghoulish perverts are using the internet to share photos of girls as young as 13 for their own sexual gratification.

Victims are secretly followed and photographed with their pictures being posted on sick chatrooms where depraved lust and pore over them.

While the primary focus of those using the website is to follow local girls and share their pictures with each other, sickos on the site also target local celebrities.

Hollyoaks actress Karen Hassan, from Belfast, is the subject of one of the pervert’s posts.

One poster wrote: “Hi, don’t see a celeb request forum, so if I’m wrong for posting here sorry! Would love to see some fakes of Karen Hassan, knew her when she worked in Belfast!”

Photos of Katy Perry when she appeared at the MTV Europe awards when it was hosted by Belfast, also appeared on the forum.

One creep, posting as ‘Amellefan’, posted a twisted message – too sexually graphic to publish – under a picture of the star .

As disturbing as this may seem, the forum plunges to new depths in a thread entitled ‘Belfast Northern Ireland?’

In a post by a user calling himself ‘Desi2ie’, he writes: “Hi guys been on the site a while now, mostly doing fake requests. Looking to see if there’s anyone else from Belfast around who would like to have local girls faked, perhaps if you know them well share location details so we could build a collection on fake nudes and then see the girls in real life as well. Imagine browsing her pics then going to the shop she works in etc and seeing the real thing?? Any takers?”

Sadly, the replies are equally as depraved.

One poster known as ‘jo.bo66’ responds: “hi, love ur work, have some local girls for us to share to. “He then posts details of his e-mail address.

“look fwd to w***ing of my d**k of local babes for u( work colleagues/ friends)”

Another poster writes: “Hi i have sum local girls from west belfast want to join me on oovoo or skype to w*** off over them.”

Sick creep ‘Worldy91’ says he has been taking photos of girls in Lisburn, Belfast and Ballymena, and wants to swap for other photos of unsuspecting young women.

He writes: “Hey, PM’d you but for everyone else here, Im from Lisburn and have pics of girls from Belfast and Ballymena too. send me a pm or email me  start swopping :)”

Another warped loser from the north coast of County Antrim, posting as ‘lunarguitar’, wants someone to ‘foul’ his wife’s underwear .

 He posted: “Hey. Would love some fakes of my wife. We are up on the North Coast. Would love to get her underwear ****** in if anyone is in the area? “

The news comes as a female star of RTE show Rebellion was targeted on the same website.

Somebody who purports do have known Sarah Greene from childhood, described the talented actress in graphic sexual terms, saying he has known Sarah Greene “since I was 13”.

Ms Greene is currently making headlines for her portrayal as May Lacey in the five-part period drama centred on the Easter Rising.

This week, it emerged that photographs of more than 40 women from across Ireland have been copied from a number of social media sites and posted on an international pornographic website without their consent.

Sickeningly, twisted users of the website have threatened to ‘gang rape’ and ‘abuse’ the Irish teens who have had their photos stolen.

The Sunday World can now reveal that Irish celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Una Healy and actress Sarah Greene have also been victimised.

In a thread labelled: “Sarah Greene from Cork. Actress now, knew her before S**T”, a twisted user posts images of the star on the red carpet, alongside everyday images which the Cork native placed on her Twitter account.

Shockingly, the pervert details in a chilling manner how he has been watching the star since she was an underage schoolgirl.

The user, who goes by the name ‘hornymachine’, writes on Sunday March 29, 2015,

“Sarah Greene. From cork Ireland. S**t is an actress now and has made a few movies. Thinks she is so above everyone know. My sister was good friends with the s**t in school.”

Eager for more pictures, one depraved user writes: “Got any of her when she was 13?”

Another user posts a thread of images of Laure Whitmore, commenting, “mmm love Laura too she always dresses like such a s**t.”

The Voice Star Una Healy, is also targeted.

“UNA flaunting her HUGE t*ts!!

The website which is registered in Panama encourages, “Post your girls to get tributed and photoshop faked nude! 24/7 fun.”

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