Tributes for Tyrone showband star who died in flooding in Monaghan

Ivan Vaughan
Ivan Vaughan

A well-known and much-loved showband star from County Tyrone has died after being swept away by floodwater in County Monaghan.

Ivan Vaughan, 70, was from Caledon in Tyrone.

His body was found around 10 metres from his car on Sunday night.

Mr Vaughan's stage name was Simon Scott.

It was reported that his car had become stuck in a dip in the road as he drove home from a gig.

Mr Vaughan made a name for himself performing with the Plattermen in the 60s.

More recently, he'd been performing solo.

A close friend of Mr Vaughan's, Vinny O'Donnell, said: "My first thought was pure and utter shock, I couldn't take it in.

"You try to put in your mind what was going through his head hitting that flood at night, we're never going to know.

"It's just another very tragic accident and for him to be taken from us in such a way. It's just very hard to take in.

"Apart from the music, he'll be remembered as a very warm-hearted, very genuine, very warm, well-manned person. He was a pure gentleman. Sadly he's gone."