Two thirds of black market cigs sold in Dublin are 'illicit whites'

A small sample of 'illicit white' brands
A small sample of 'illicit white' brands

A survey has revealed that brands produced only for the smuggling trade, known as 'illicit whites' now dominate the Dublin black market in cigarettes.

In the tests, carried out in May, two out of every three packets bought were so-called 'illicit whites', brands that only exist to be smuggled, usually into the UK and Ireland.

As well as that, many never before seen names appeared for the first time, with brands like President, M&J, Black Mount and Jim’s featuring.

The purchases, carried out by Detective Chief Superintendent, Kevin Donohoe and former Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector, Will O’Reilly, on behalf of tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris International, also showed that Moore Street in Dublin was the epicentre of the trade and that only illicit whites were for sale from eight people openly selling.

On Meath street two men were selling cigarettes for €5 a pack while in a non discliosed city centre location a woman was selling a 50g pack of rolling tobacco for €12.50.

Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Donohoe said: "While this study provides just a snap shot of the illegal tobacco trade, our operatives purchased various products with relative ease throughout many parts of the city. The illegal trade is well organised, providing large profits for those involved, who are primarily highly organised criminal networks" .