Two teens give two fingers to the gardai as they pose with bike nicked from the Garda Mountain Bike Unit

NewsBy Patrick O'Connell
Two teens give two fingers to the gardai as they pose with bike nicked from the Garda Mountain Bike Unit

Two teens literally give two fingers to the Gardai as one of them poses on a bike nicked from a member of the Garda Mountain Bike Unit.

The image posted on a Facebook site of a Dublin based teenager was accompanied by the message: “The Garda take our bikes … so we take theirs haha.”

Although the pair covered their faces for the shot, commentators on the post warned them that the picture could provide Gardai with all the information needed to nail them.

“Hope yeas had geo-Tagging switched off lads and used a throw away phone,” wrote a poster.

“Not that it matters.

“Them c**ts have top notch tech on their side and will be able to get a heap of details from this pic alone.

“Digital pics have all kinds of info embedded into them and they have the means and tech to go all out on this one! 

“One thing a p***y bike going missing, but the crazy crew who do it posting a “fuck you shot”... whole other ball game.

“Embarrassing shit for the popo gets a lot of attention. 

“Gas men, gave me 15 seconds of laughter hope it was worth it...!!!”

A Garda spokesperson yesterday confirmed that Gardai were now aware of the pictures.

“If and when the veracity of the picture is established Gardai will be investigating,” the spokesperson told The Sunday World.

Almost 100 bikes were stolen every week last year in the capital.

A Dublin Cycling Campaign survey from December 2014 showed that 66pc of bikes stolen in Dublin are locked using cable locks, sub-standard U-locks or chain locks that can be easily cut and that offer limited security.

Some 4,950 bikes were reported stolen in Dublin in 2014, an increase of 164pc, or 3,077, since 2008 - the year before the Bike to Work scheme was introduced.

A working group was set up earlier this year to tackle the growing problem of theft in the city. 

It has representatives from An Garda Siochana, the National Transport Authority, Dublin Cycling Campaign, bike shops and Dublin City Council.