Structural defects have been found on two bridges over the Liffey

Butt Bridge
Butt Bridge

Two of the main bridges across the Liffey in Dublin city centre have been found to have cracks and structural defects.

According to, inspections carried out in recent weeks have discovered the damage and the council now face a headache as to how they can begin the job of repairing them.

The bridges affected are Butt Bridge and the Talbot Memorial Bridge, two of the busiest in the city and right beside each other near the Custom House.

The proximity, and how much traffic they carry each day, means finding a suitable time to close them for repair poses a logistical nightmare.

Dublin City Council discovered the damage themselves and now a team of external consulatants will be brought in to assess the full extent of the damage and to design what repairs need to be carried out.

Of the two, the younger bridge, the Talbot Memorial, built in 1978, is the one with more damage. Butt Bridge was built in 1932.

The outlines the damage to each bridge as follows:

'The expansion joints on the Talbot Memorial Bridge were described as being in a very poor condition, with cracks and leaks throughout.

'Corrosion and vegetation growth was also seen on the parapets, and the underside of the road was found to be sagging and cracking.

'Butt Bridge needs repairs to the parapets where cracks have been identified in the surface and in the support structures.

'Leakage and corrosion was also found in a number of areas.'

One for Dublin's already hard-pressed commuters to keep an eye on.