Turnout in referendum vote so far much higher than normal

Voters at a polling station this morning
Voters at a polling station this morning

It looks like the Marriage and Presidential referendum has really brought people into the polling stations.

A report on turnout on the News at One has revealed that turnout in constituencies all over the country is well up on the normal levels for a referendum.

They report that one Dublin northside polling station, on the Navan Road in Dublin 7, had a turnout of 20 per cent by 11am this morning.

Dublin city was reporting an 18 per cent turnout by lunchtime, and the polls don't close until 10pm tonight.

Most areas are reporting larger numbers than normal of younger voters but Limerick is said to have an older profile from those on the ground.

Turnout in the Treaty city is close to 20 per cent by 1pm.

There were reports of queues in Galway before the polling stations opened at 7am and turnout was estimated at double the norm at this stage.

Turnout was described as steady in Mayo while Louth and Meath had about 12 per cent by lunch.

Cork city was also reporting double the usual level of voters at this stage while Wexford is said to have 21 per cent turnout already.

Carlow/Kilkenny, who are also hosting a by-election, is coming in at around 15 per cent turnout thus far.

The last referendums, on the abolition of the Seanad, and the new court of appeal, had a 39 per cent turnout and that figure is expected to be easily passed.

However the highest ever referendum turnout, for the establishment of the constitution in 1937, had a 75.8 per cent turnout, so there is still a way to go to break the record.