Troubles victims demand justice in this national full-page newspaper ad

The advert placed in today's Irish News
The advert placed in today's Irish News

Victims of the Troubles have put together a full-page advertisement which appeared in the Irish News today.

Both the Pat Finucane Centre and Justice for the Forgotten have criticised the government's abject failure in addressing the legacy of the conflict in Northern Ireland in the ad.

The advert's headline reads: 'Secretary of State, your government is in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights.'

Text at the top of the advert states: 'Your government promised full disclosure of documents to an independent investigatory mechanism - the Historical Investigations Unit. 

 'Now the British government is using "national security" to undermine the independence of the HIU by demanding the right to redact/sensor reports BEFORE they are provided to families. This is an outrage. You have reneged on the commitment made in December 2014 to set up a truly independent investigations unit.'

 The article also quotes Mr Pablo de Greiff, a UN Special Rapporteur, who stated: "It is easy to use national security as a blanket term... national security, in accordance with both national and international obligations, can only be served within the limits of the law."

 He added: "Indefinitely postponing the legacy issues will serve no one's purposes. Victims, some of whom have have waited more than 40 years to see their rights violations addressed, are once again asked to wait longer... The credibility of institutions will continue to suffer."

 Below the article's text is a list of names of hundreds of people who died during the Troubles, with the date they were killed on.

 In a joint statement from the Pat Finucane Centre and Justice for the Forgotten, a spokesperson said that the advertisement is a “sign of the anger, frustration and bitter disappointment felt by over 150 bereaved families at the abject failure of the politicians and British government to implement legacy proposals.

“The anger and hurt expressed by bereaved families today is the tip of a very large iceberg.

"Families, whether Catholic or Protestant, from both communities, in the privacy of their own homes, are both angry and grieving."