Top loyalist Darren Moore in secret meetings over Mount Vernon killers inquiry

Darren Moore
Darren Moore

Top loyalist Darren Moore has been helping a secret UVF internal inquiry into the notorious Mount Vernon crew.

Moore has been having regular secret meetings with a veteran loyalist who lives in Rathcoole and served time in jail with UVF chief John ‘Bunter’ Graham.

It has been claimed that Moore, who was viciously assaulted by his former loyalist pals in Mount Vernon, has been telling the UVF everything the infamous gang of killers got up to during the ’80s and ’90s.

The inquiry was ordered by Bunter himself and he has left it in the hands of one of his most trusted friends.


Loyalist sources say the plan is to be ready and prepared for anything that supergrass Gary Haggarty might throw at them should his case ever come to trial.


Haggarty, below, has been talking to the police for five years now and has himself been charged with 212 offences including five murders and 31 counts of conspiracy to murder.

The 43-year-old, it emerged in court on Friday, is apparently now asking for all his charges to be dropped in return for him putting away dozens of UVF men, many from the Mount Vernon gang.

The UVF has been busy trying to find out exactly what might be coming its way and have been using Moore for over two years to get as much information as possible.

“Darren Moore has been meeting this well respected loyalist from the old days for ages – giving as much detail as he can about what he knows,” said the source.

“This is all on Bunter’s request. He wants to know everything that Haggarty is telling the cops. Moore will know everything Haggarty was involved in.”

There was massive relief on the Shankill that Moore did not turn informer like Haggarty even after he was badly beaten by a UVF gang.

 Moore was heavily involved in the murder of Raymond McCord jnr in 1997. 

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