Three suicides may be related to massive Ashley Madison hack

Three suicides may be related to massive Ashley Madison hack

Three suicides, in Texas and Canada, may be related to the massive Ashley Madison hack, authorities have said.

San Antonio police captain Michael Gorhum, a 25-year veteran from the department, committed suicide last week after his email was leaked in a massive hack that exposed nearly 37 million email addresses on the Ashley Madison website.

The leaks included the users' email addresses, phone numbers, payment information and stated sexual desires.

But it's unclear if the captain, who oversaw the San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center Unit, actually was using the website and if the death was related to the data breach.
Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggest that two people in Toronto have killed themselves over the Ashley Madison hack

“As of this morning, we have two unconfirmed reports of suicides that are associated because of the leak of Ashley Madison customers profiles,” Toronto police service staff superintendent Bryce Evans said at a press conference on Monday.

Evans said the nature of the dating site for married people was “of no interest to us as the investigative teams”.

Security analyst Brian Krebs said last week he feared exactly that outcome. “There’s a very real chance that people are going to overreact. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw people taking their lives because of this, and obviously piling on with ridicule and trying to out people is not gonna help the situation,” Krebs, who first reported the hack, said on Wednesday.

The hack, in which some 33 million profiles from the service were published online, has been the focus of extortion and phishing attempts. Among them are “hack checking” websites that compile the emails of the curious entered into them and then send malicious software to those emails.

The website is offering a $500,000 reward for information that leads to the prosecution of the people responsible.