Three shot dead during row in Portuguese town

Three shot dead during row in Portuguese town

Three people have been shot dead in Portugal during a row in a town near Lisbon.

Two of the dead are police officers who were killed when a man opened fire in Quinta do Conde, around 30km south of the capital.

Another person was seriously injured following what television reports called a row between neighbours.

A plainclothes policeman, who lived in the neighbourhood, was shot after going to investigate a disturbance.

Another officer from a patrol team that was called to the scene was also shot dead.

The third victim was a 23-year-old man, said by local media to be the son of the plainclothes policeman who had intervened to try to assist his father.

He was seriously injured in the crossfire and died later in hospital of his injuries, a police spokesman told the local Lusa agency.

The suspected gunman, aged 77, was arrested and taken to hospital after attempting to take his own life.