Three Longs make it right!

NewsBy Neil Fetherston
Adorable new born Jax with his sisters Teigan (6) and Erin (2).
Adorable new born Jax with his sisters Teigan (6) and Erin (2).

Shane Long’s beautiful wife Kayleah Long has been showing off the latest addition to her family.

The brunette shared a snap of adorable new born Jax with his sisters Teigan (6) and Erin (2) on Instagram.

Although the couple were delighted with their new son when he arrived in the world just over a week and a half ago, they had a tough few days as Jax had to be taken to a care unit to be monitored for his first few days.

“Our little warrior Jax made his appearance yesterday but was rushed straight to the care unit! But he is on the mend after 24 hours and his sisters finally got their hands on him,” Kayleah wrote.

“I know I’m bias but these three! I have the best helpers! Jax is spoilt with cuddles every day!”

Shane has admitted that it hasn’t been easy since his new born son entered the world.

“It has been tough. We didn’t get him home until Sunday, and he and his mum came back on Sunday so I’ve only had two or three days with him,” he said.

However, the footballer added that he was happy to have his family all together at home.

“It is amazing. It is a madhouse round my house now with three kids under six but I’m loving every minute

“My wife is fairly good. She knows I have to get up and train so I do the morning feed when I wake up but she looks after him in the night.”