Thousands of Euro of damage done to Kerry house at Leaving Cert party

Gardai are investigating
Gardai are investigating

Gardai in Kerry are investigating up to €4,000 of damage done to house in Kerry during a Leaving Cert party.

A report in the Examiner says Gardai were called to a holiday home in Aghadoe on May 20 and they initally assessed the damage caused by the post graduation ceremony party at €2,000.

However, following a full Garda inspection the cost of the damage has been raised to between €3,000 and €4,000 with the paper quoting a Garda source as saying: "The house was actually wrecked."

Damage included the banister being ripped off, damage to doors and bathroom fixtures plus electrical items like fridges and cookers being left damaged or broken.

Eighty-five students graduated from St Brendan's College on May 19 and it is believed that 25 students from the school were at the party, plus others. The school had no involvement in the event.

After organising the rental of the hosue through an online agent guests were invited via text, with a €5 entrance fee used to cover the €150 rental fee for the property.

Gardai believe that most of the damage was not caused by Leaving Cert students and that a number of suspects have been identified and some have already been questioned by the Gardai.