Thieving worker done for robbing bank notes in KitKat wrappers

Peter Mills
Peter Mills

A thieving worker from Kent would have a break and a KitKat - before stealing small bundles of cash he hid inside the empty chocolate wrappers.

CCTV caught Peter Mills, 68, hiding £50 notes in empty KitKat wrappers up to three times a day at the cash handling depot where he worked.

Police said Mills would then conceal the KitKat wrappers on his body, and smuggled out more than £20,000 from Vaultex Limited in Kent, between February and May last year.

When suspicious staff searched Mills, he was found with five £50 notes round a KitKat wrapper, famed for its slogan "have a break, have a KitKat".

Kent Police was called and further cash was found in Mills's car. And when his locker was searched, police discovered a stash of empty KitKat wrappers inside.

In a police interview, Mills denied stealing the money, insisting the cash must have got caught up in the wrappers by accident.

He was unable to explain how he obtained the money or justify large cash payments made to a builder working on his home, police said.

Kent Police said Mills, of Burma Way, Chatham, pleaded guilty to four counts of theft, amounting to a total of £20,350, and was jailed for 21 months at Maidstone Crown Court.

Detective Constable Ally Morgan said afterwards: "Mills thought by concealing the cash with empty KitKat wrappers, that if he was caught he could claim it was all just an innocent mistake.

"However, when CCTV was reviewed Mills was clearly seen stealing money two to three times a day, using exactly the same method. He was taking small amounts every single day."

Police said they intend to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to claw back the money Mills gained from his crimes.