Heartbroken dad's tears at 'senseless' murder of Trevor O'Neill

Pat O'Connell talks to Vinnie O'Neill
Pat O'Connell talks to Vinnie O'Neill

The devastated father of murdered Trevor O’Neill broke down as he blasted his innocent son’s killing as “senseless”.

Heartbroken Vinnie O’Neill spoke to the Sunday World as he visited his slain son’s home in Crumlin, in Dublin, where flowers and county football jerseys had been draped across the gates by a devastated local community.

“The only consolation – the only consolation I have is that if there’s a heaven he’s gone up to it,” Vinnie said.

“He was too good, he was too good, so he can’t go anywhere else.

“It was a senseless killing.”

Slain Trevor’s partner Suzanne and the couple’s three children, who are now left without a father, have yet to return to the family home in Crumlin.

The much-loved Dublin City Council worker, who was on a family holiday in Majorca, was taking an evening stroll with partner Suzanne and their children when he was shot three times in the back after being mistaken for a member of the Hutch family.

Gardaí believe the killing was ordered by a senior member of the Kinahan Cartel, now based in the U.K., in their ongoing and deadly feud with the Hutch mob.

It is the tenth murder the gang have carried out during the feud and the second time their assassins have shot dead an innocent man through mistaken identity.

Trevor O'Neill

“The only thing I will tell you about Trevor,” continued Vinnie. “Ah Jesus I’ve a lump in me stomach, but the only thing I will tell you about him is he was the best young fella.

“He was the greatest young fella, and not because he was my son, he was the greatest young fella that God ever gave breath to.

“He was just a super human being and all I can be thankful for is 40 years of him.

“He’s something else, he was something else he was – he was brilliant he was.

“And that’s all I can say, I got 40 year of him.

“I used to come over to them every Saturday morning and I always said it to him: ‘Trevor you’re 100 times a better father then I ever was.’

“I always said it to him.

“And I’ll tell you one thing, looking at all those flowers it breaks me up.

“I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.”

Vinnie said he only learned of his son’s murder when a relative called around to the house and informed him that he had something terrible to tell him.

“He said to me ‘you need to sit down’ – and he says Trevor is after being shot in Spain.

“I asked if he was still alive and I think Trevor, I think Trevor was still semi-alive at that stage.

“And that’s all I know. I don’t know any more than that.”

“He was one of the best human beings I ever knew and just look around at the flowers left by all the neighbours there.”

Asked whether he would like any message to go out to the men responsible for his son’s murder, Vinnie told the Sunday World: “No, because I’d be afraid with them that there’d be recriminations on the family.’

“I’m in bits, I don’t think I’ll ever get over this.

“The guards were up with me and they said it was definitely a misidentification.

“Trevor wouldn’t know any of those people.

“I’m after being up at Suzanne’s mother and she’s not there – but I’d love to see her and the kids.

“All Trevor was into was work and the kids, that was his life.

“He had three kids and they were his life.

“He was an inspector with the corporation and when he lived with me he’d come home and eat his dinner and he wouldn’t sit down for 10 minutes before he’d be out again delivering curries until 12 o’clock that night.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive this, he was my only remaining son.”

A second son of Vinnie’s passed away in tragic circumstances.

Jonathan Hutch (37) – a nephew of Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch from Dublin’s north inner-city – told detectives on the holiday island that he believes he was the intended target of Wednesday evening’s killing.

Jonathan Hutch

Hutch is not a criminal and Gardaí believe he was targeted solely because of his family name.

Mr O’Neill had been walking with Jonathan Hutch alongside a large group at the time of the shooting, but the two men had only recently met each other.

Gardaí believe that members of the Kinahan Cartel received information that Jonathan Hutch intended to travel to the island long before he actually arrived.

Authorities are now examining flight manifests to determine if any known criminals arrived through Palma de Majorca Airport in the days before the fatal shooting.

Spanish police are also investigating whether two burnt-out cars were used as getaway vehicles by the killer and his suspected accomplices.

Locals said the two vehicles – a Volkswagen Golf and a car thought to be a Seat Ibiza – were set on fire simultaneously shortly after Mr O’Neill was gunned down.

Liaising with their Spanish counterparts, Gardaí are probing whether the gunman hid on the Balearic island or mainland Spain for a number of days, intent on murdering

Jonathan Hutch – the older brother of feud murder victim Gareth Hutch.

It is believed the killer flew from the U.K. – where he has been hiding after threats were made against him in Dublin – and made his way to Majorca with the latest feud hit in mind.

Trevor’s heartbroken partner Suzanne and her children returned to Dublin shortly before midnight on Thursday, with Jonathan Hutch boarding the same plane home.

Tánaiste and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald yesterday condemned the “brutal and tragic killing” of Trevor O’Neill.

She said “every action is being taken” by both Irish and Spanish authorities to find the perpetrators.”

The Minister added that “there is excellent cooperation between Spain and ourselves”, and that gardaí who are living and working there are working with Spanish authorities on the case.

Ms Fitzgerald said every effort will be made by gardaí to stop the spiraling “cycle of revenge and retaliation”.