'They exposed themselves to my two girls...and had their hands down their tops'

Gardai at the scene in Tallaght
Gardai at the scene in Tallaght

The mother of two teen girls subjected to a terrifying sex attack near their home has described one of the feral gang as being just 12 years old.

The shocked Dublin mum said one of the six youngsters exposed himself as the group sexually assaulted the young women.

Incredibly, the attack happened within an hour after a vulnerable girl was attacked in the same area of Tallaght, west Dublin last Monday.

The outraged mum spoke to the Sunday World to highlight the dangers the gang pose to young women and girls in the area. She said her adult daughters were left shaken by the ordeal in Maplewood Way in Springfield, during an evening stroll to the local shop.

“They went to the shops, they saw the group of lads on the way to the shops. On the way back the lads more or less crowded around them and were saying disgusting things, ‘let me do this, let me do that’,” she said.