Teenager has head slashed after accidentally bumping someone at Coronas gig in Cork

A picture of the injury suffered by the young fan
A picture of the injury suffered by the young fan

A 16-year-old had her face slashed with a beer can after accidentally bumping into a man's partner at a Coronas concert in Cork on Friday.

Erin Kelleher was at the Marquee in Cork to see the Irish band on Friday when she accidentally bumped into another concert goer.

That woman's partner then hit her with a beer can, leaving the teenager with a nasty head wound.

Kelleher did attempt to apologise to the woman but the man was very aggressive.

"He crushed his can. He started slashing at my face. He slashed me two or three times across my head," she told the Irish Daily Mirror.

"I had blood in my eye and I was in pain so I couldn't really get a good look at him."

Kelleher contacted the Neil Prendeville show to tell them about the incident and the RedFM show also fielded calls from other concert goers who saw other incidents at the gig.

The band then got in touch with Kelleher via the show's Twitter page to apologise and later that day the band's lead singer Danny O'Reilly rang the young fan to apologise in person.