Taoiseach launches scathing attack on 'whingers' in his own constituency


The Taoiseach has launched a scathing attack on some voters in his own constituency.

At a Fine Gael rally in Castlebar last night, Enda Kenny described some local people as "All Ireland Champions" in whingeing.

He made the comments to a rally of supporters in his home town last night.

He said they refused to recognise that the town was benefitting from the economic recovery.

The Taoiseach told reporters afterwards that the comments were not aimed a national audience: “Locals, nothing to do with national politics at all.

“Obviously, we get this all the time, but sometimes I feel that people find it very difficult to see any good, anywhere, anytime.”

Meanwhile, the most recent opinion poll shows a narrow race between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

The Sunday Independent has just a four point gap between the two parties.

However, the two other polls released over the last 24 hours show a wider gap.

Millward Browne for the Sunday Independent polled 1,065 people on Wednesday and Thurdsay.

All polls this weekend feature higher than expected levels of undecided or unsure voters.