Talksport's Colin Murray lives up to his promise of festive nudity in Belfast

The guy on the left is clearly enjoying it more than the others
The guy on the left is clearly enjoying it more than the others

Talksport presenter Colin Murray lived up to his word this morning by celebrating Northern Ireland’s qualification for Euro 2016 by running around Belfast in a green ‘mankini’.

 Having promised to undergo the task on live radio, the presenter was forced to tread the tarmac of Belfast city centre with his brave pals.

 Murray, who echoed David Beckham’s famous Armani advert (in a bad way) lived up to his promise, and ran through the streets of Belfast with equally shameless followers, some of whom were definitely not made to sport a mankini.

Murray’s pledge raised a whopping five grand for the Frame Football Association IN Northern Ireland, a charity which provides children with physical disabilities the opportunity to play football in a style which suits their needs.

 At the time of writing the target was almost fully met.

 It's a tight group

 Colin was photographed alongside an extremely embarrassed female police officer outside City Hall, using a very small Northern Ireland flag to cover up his pride and joy.

 Over a dozen brave scantily-clad Northern Ireland supporters joined the presenter, all shamelessly wearing either mankinis or bikinis, as they ran down Donegal Place.

 One man even went a step further and wore a Manchester United shirt.

 Before his disturbing early morning jog, Murray took his phone out of the front of his mankini and tweeted: "I had two options.

"To do it at 4am on my own like a coward or pull on that mankini loud and be proud."

 As Colin and the Green and White Army fans ran through Belfast, frightening the elderly and ruining Christmas, they took photos of themselves, even sharing them on social media.

 Distraught members of the public responded with confused exasperation.

  ‏@Flexirobinson posted: “@ColinMurray I cannot unsee this, thank you”

 ‏@69monstermunch tweeted: “@ColinMurray @radiostephen AAAAARGH MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!”

And ‏@shielsie68 wrote: “@ColinMurray @radiostephen glad I had my Xmas dinner yesterday #barf”

 Meanwhile, the big man himself, having stuck to his word, wrote on Twitter: “Well done everyone who turned up today! Not too cold and so much fun! Alarmingly, it was quite liberating! Let's hope we can now hit our 5k target! :)”