'Taigs will be crucified' graffiti appears in Belfast

'Taigs will be crucified' graffiti appears in Belfast

A photograph of balaclava-wearing men posing beside graffiti which states 'taigs will be crucified' has gone viral on social media.


The sickening graffiti allegedly appeared near the royal Victoria Hospital close to Belfast city centre.

Underneath the graffiti the letters 'VTOT' are daubed.

The letters allegedly stand for 'Village team on tour'.

Many people who have identified themselves as Protestant have taken to social media to vent their disgust at the graffiti.

One person took to Facebook to write: "I would absolutely hate to think I'd be associated with such scum. I brought my own children up to understand that we are all human beings, we bleed red blood and our organs are all in the same place.

"I wanted to teach them that the human being was more important than the religion they were brought up in. I just don't understand why others can't do the same."

Another wrote: "To all Catholics reading this. Please please never believe that every Protestant thinks this way. We don't!! This makes me ashamed to be one today."

It is unknown whether the men are actually from the Village area or if they daubed the graffiti on the wall themselves.